Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kid food: Breakfast

Kid eats better than I do.

Avocado on toast, banana and strawberry is totally the breakfast of choice.

Mum's favourite - vegemite on rye! strawberry and grapes.

Scrambled egg with fake bacon mixed in on grain toast. Banana and strawberry.

cheese toast and grapes.

Scrambled egg on multi-grain with mandarin.

This post just made me really hungry.


  1. thank you for that. My monkey is not eating much at the moment, teething I think, so this is just the thing to get me a little inspired tomorrow

  2. Hi Stacey, I love those bread with banana, it is so yummy. Can I ask you if you do have one review on a tulsi tea or better known as Holy Basil? I've been looking for some great tea and found one from Dr. Mercola's at and I'm wondering what you think about this one, if it is really good or not?

  3. Never heard of it, I'm afraid! Sorry!

  4. Ohhh teething is the worst. Frozen waffles are good for that!