Sunday, November 27, 2011

Veggie Meal Plan

It's Sunday again, and excuse me if I say that came around fast! This week has been a blur... come to think of it, so have the last eight months. Veggie Baby is almost crawling, and is learning to go from sitting to being on her stomach without knocking her brand-new front teeth out on the mat. You wouldn't see me launching face-first onto the ground in an effort to get to a toy faster... it wouldn't be anywhere near as cute!

This week my brother-in-law and his girlfriend (Veggie Uncle and Aunt) have returned from two years in Canada. They tell me they missed my cooking, so I'm pleased to make them some old favourites and catch up over a nice dinner on the back deck. It's getting super-hot around here these days.

 mexican lasagna 
 veggie burgers with homemade buns and sweet potato fries 
 ultra-garlicky fettuccine alfredo and cobb loaf 
 eggplant steaks with kipfler potato salad and corn on the cob 
 schnitzel with creamy mash and honey carrots 

♥ buttery scones 

 carrot and corn quinoa 
 blueberry parfait  


  1. Oh God the scones the scones. These have just sent my tastebuds into total overdrive. xx

  2. They're almost worth putting my oven on...