Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veggie Meal Plan

I haven't been well, so this week's meal plan is really quite hastily put together. I'm also thinking of palming the cooking off to Veggie Dad, given he won't be at football training as much in the evenings any more. As always, though - it's good stuff!

Am dipping back into an old post for the lunchboxes this week, and making raspberry buns from a war-era cookbook of my grandmother's. The post is worth checking out for the photos alone! The cookbook is adorably quaint :)

 gnocchi with cherry tomato sauce 
 thai stir fry with hokkien noodles 
 vegan bangers and mash 
 pumpkin and feta tart with basil and cherry tomatoes 
 crispy fillets with corn, asparagus and secret weapon potato salad 

 raspberry buns 

herbed pumpkin and rice puree ♥
creamy oats with sultana and pear ♥ 


  1. "Nom" to the pumpkin, feta, basil and cherry tomato tart!


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