Friday, October 7, 2011

Baked ravioli bites

I am starting to think about bite-size food a lot more now that Veggie Baby is eating solids. And while she's a little way off eating these gorgeous cheesy bites, it doesn't mean you have to be! A fun weekend dinner for your kiddies, or even an appetiser or cocktail party food with a difference for you.

The possibilities are in no way limited to cheese ravioli with pasta sauce. You can use any flavour ravioli (and yes, I know these are actually agnolotti!) and any flavour sauce. You could even hand-make the ravioli if you are so inclined... and have the time.

I like to bake these, as they come out just a little crisper than fried. But fried helps to cook the ravioli dough better. It's up to you! It's probably easier to throw them in the oven, you can fit more in and they don't have to be watched so intensely. And that whole "they're not fried" thing.

Try them. They'll be a hit!

refrigerated ravioli
pasta sauce


1. Dip ravoli first into egg and then into breadcrumbs. You can add spices and flavourings to the breadcrumbs if you like, but I prefer to keep these simple.

2. Place on a baking sheet and spray lightly with oil. Bake at 180C for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.

3. Serve with your favourite pasta sauce.

Think your kids will like them?


  1. Great idea thank you! My small boy would love these. Given the choice he would eat ravioli every single night. Will add to the growing list of veggie mama recipes I need to try x 

  2. This is a great idea! I think if I choose a ravioli with a vegetable filling it might even be a way to get my 4yo to ingest some! And I'm sure the 1yo would love them too.

  3. Yum, they look just delicious. And how canny of you to dip them in egg - I try most things to get more protein into my children. I'm pretty sure my children will like them. Baked gnocchi they love. Have a beautiful weekend. Katie x

  4. Look. So. Good. Will try these out on the 3 yo who currently seems allergic to anything that doesn't resemble toast.

  5. I made these tonight...yummmm! Thanks for the tip. They were so easy and delicious!

  6. You ain't never had ravioli like this!

  7. It helps the coating stick! And is a little extra healthy x

  8. This could totally pass as toast... for a bit!

  9. Oh hello! I was just thinking about you the other day :)

    How good are they! it makes a nice change, I think x

  10. OMG...these are great.  I read about your blog in Peppermint today and have been pouring over your pages all afternoon.  This recipe is brilliant and SO simple.  I made them, crossed my fingers and hoped the 16mth old would give the thumbs up....tah dah, he is sitting in his chair chowing down as I type.

  11. excellent! I'm thinking of doing it soon for veggie baby... she's just at that age now where she would love them! So pleased you stopped by x

  12. I have been wanting to start my own blog for ages and after being inspired by yours I have finally "gone live" today.  I have a squillion recipes that I want to share as well and the one I put up today would be great for Veggie Baby :o)  Have a wonderful trip to Japan (sooo jealous just quietly)

  13. I never leave your blog without something to cook! My two year old would love these.

  14. I'm going to make them for veggie baby next week! Good cold too xx


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