Thursday, July 26, 2012

Occupy Veggie Mama: 32 weeks

Obligatory bump shot
So lately I've really, really been noticing I'm far more tired than usual. I can't get going in the mornings and I'm ready for bed by about 5.30pm! The thought of being so fatigued for the next eight weeks isn't pleasant, but I'm really trying not to think about it or I may never get out of bed!

LOTS of naps are being taken.

My midwife is still banging on about me looking pale, even though my iron levels appear to be fine, and my fasting diabetes test came back negative. Perhaps she's not aware it's winter? And lately I'm too lazy to wear makeup save a little concealer that's usually worn off by appointment time, so my usual year-round summer glow has taken a back seat to my naturally pale face (thanks 20 years of sunscreen!), my overabundance of gross freckles (thanks genetics!) and two pregnancies' worth of pigment (thanks kids!). 

All appears to be normal, save the fact I'm still measuring a week ahead. Lots of alien-like movement which is crazy to watch. Last time I had an anterior placenta, so didn't see the skin-stretching pokes and kicks and elbows like I do now. Pretty wild stuff!

I attempted to go through all of Abby's old clothes to see what can be salvaged for the new baby. I hardly bought anything before she was born, and once she came out a girl, my sister gave me all her hand-me-downs. Which was A Lot. She was super-excited to have a girl herself, so went slightly nuts in the baby wear department, particularly those things with pink and butterflies and sparkles and goodness knows what else, which aren't really my thing. After posting this picture on instagram, I was getting a lot of "so it's a girl?" comments... I don't know if it's immediately obvious that the only clothes I would have to go through are girl clothes because I've only had a girl, but I thought it was! I'd hardly send out gender-related subliminal messages through a photo-sharing social media network, I'm not that complex.

Speaking of the girl, I'm finding this age of 16 months awful cute. She's not hit the terrible twos yet, so everything is still adorable. Most of the time. She sings a song or tries to tell me a story in gibberish, all earnest face and big eyes and I mentally calculate how many more toddlers I could possibly have. I usually come to the conclusion that 20 seems like a reasonable number. Then I have to give her half my food and realise we'd go broke.

I'm also feeling much more relaxed about the birth, although there's still the chance it'll come time to push and I'll freeze, thanks to my last experience. The idea of labour doesn't bother me at all, it never has, but there's still a niggle in the back of my mind that I'll wig out at the end stage. I'll do some more reading and have lots of support when the time comes, so I'll be ok. It's gonna come out whether I wig out or not, and I may surprise myself so there isn't any point speculating now.

Gosh, eight more weeks. I bet it will feel like eight more minutes.



  1. Eight Weeks!?! How exciting!! I remember that tired feeling.. I always assumed it was natures way of making sure that you don't get too comfortable being pregnant, so that you will do ANYTHING to have baby out, ie push it out your fan.
    I can't wait to see little bubs face, you make awesome kids, and Abby is going to be an adorable big sister.
    I'm going before I get clucky. X

  2. Well hello Mama! Gorgeous pics with Abby too. I have nothing to offer but love and care from this end of the net! I know you take care, have fun & eat well so keep on keeping on xxx

  3. You will survive I found everything is so much easier the second time around. Side note I get so jealous when I see pregnant ladies even though my youngest is only 3 months old :)

  4. Getting exciting now! My second birth was my dream birth. It was the first and third that did my head in. Wishing you a fantastically easy birth.

    Such cute photos too:)

  5. Gorgeous belly Hun. Special moments you've captured there with those pics.
    On the clothing department I feel your pain, too much pink, sparkles, butterflies does my head in. Honestly there are a thousand other colours, why just pink.

  6. You are such a sweety. Thank you x

  7. I'm not going anywhere near a third, so hopefully this is where I hit the jackpot! Thank you so much xx

  8. I wrote a whole post about it once... I cannot stand it!