Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kid food: Lunch

I'm a "what's left over from dinner last night" kind of luncheon-eater. My kid won't eat leftovers. Actually, there's a lot she doesn't eat! I lovingly put it in front of her anyway, then watch her eat two tiny bananas instead. 

I'm sure it will happen one day. 

Tortilla with cream cheese, avocado and grated carrot, banana.

Won't eat tomato? Fine. I'll chop it real tiny and mix it in with your cottage cheese on Saos. MUHAHAHAHAA!

Banana and apricot bite. 

Peanut butter on a mini roll with rockmelon/cantaloupe.

Soba noodle salad with kiwi fruit. Didn't even want to play with the noodles like other normal children.

Avocado on bread, organic raisins, ladyfinger banana

Forever with the bananas.




  1. I am so glad I am not the only one with a fussy toddler. I try to keep offering the healthy lunches too, even if the rejection is soul-destroying! Latest faves are vegie sausage rolls and corn on the cob.

  2. Avo on bread is a fav around here too. New weird thing - will only eat open sandwiches/toast. If they are closed she pulls them apart so I must find toppings that stick. Also, bread must hit the tongue topping side first (as in, the opposite way everyone else does it - AND the messiest way). Sigh.

  3. It doesn't bother me any more, but I've had to be quite clever with re-using her refused food somehow!

  4. It's sad but true.....I was pleased to read that your little lady is also fussy.....I see these pics and think oh god I'm ecstatic if I can get my little one to even nibble on toast......the key is supposedly to keep on've given me the ooomf to keep on trying. Tonight all my cherub would eat was the peelings from the carrots....which she pinched from the chook scrap bucket......I just didn't look!....deep breaths.

  5. ooh I love seeing what others feed their kiddos. I haven't given Maksi avocado I'll have to see what he thinks of it.
    I did a post similar to this the other day with a few of his lunches its here if you wanna have a squiz. Maksi usually eats lots of finger foods for lunch. Some days he eats lots some days nothing but I have decided not to worry about it as he doesn't seem to be fading away :)