Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm going to attempt a fun run. Running optional.

So this year I am a Variety Australia Santa Fun Run Blog Ambassador.

I am going to wear a Santa suit and a baby and take my family to dawdle walk the 5k fun run track around Brisbane on November 25. Thank goodness there's a Walkers category, or they'd still be waiting for me to finish the run the following week.

Variety is expecting 20,000 fun runners this year, across Australia, to help raise money and awareness in support of sick, disadvantaged and children who have special needs.

Abby getting her gear sorted.

If you'd like to take part, go here and register. You even get your own Santa suit! It's especially designed to deal with Australia's summer Christmas conditions, THANK GOODNESS. If you're in the area, I'd love to see you in the Brisbane run.

If you would like to sponsor me and let me do the running walking for you, please go here

Where will your money go, you ask?

Why, to buy things like mobility equipment for those who need it. Medical assistance. Supporting children in educational, sporting or artistic endeavours. Those cool yellow swings designed to accommodate wheelchairs.

Variety delivers around $1m in individual and organisational equipment grants every month, filling the gaps often left by government and other organisations. It's often their last resort.

Last year, they made these differences in children's lives:

  •  Over $2.1M used to purchase 38 Sunshine Coaches for schools and support organisations, bringing sunshine into the lives of many children who through either disadvantaged circumstances or health issues would have previously not been able to get “out and about” in their community.
  •  34 Walkers and Standers given to help children get out of their wheelchairs, to interact with siblings and friends, take part in fun activities and learn to move about.
  • $2M spent to purchase equipment for the Caring 4 Kids program – life saving equipment for Australia’s children’s hospitals
  • 11 Human Hair Suction Wigs were given to young girls suffering from Alopecia – the disease that affects mostly teenage girls and causes complete hair loss
  • $519,671 spent on Liberty Swings now installed in 20 more locations across Australia, giving children in wheelchairs the chance to swing and laugh.

  • Me walking 5k and making a twat of myself in a Santa suit is worth every minute.

    Come join me xx


    1. Oooh me too, waiting for my suit to arrive!

    2. Oooh - I could do this. I do actually *like* running but have never run in costume :) and I'm in Bris, so maybe no excuses!

    3. Done. Wish I could join you but I'm busy that weekend! Have fun xx

    4. you like running? man... I want to. But I definitely don't. You should totally come and help me along :)

    5. You are so very kind my dear. Thank you.

    6. Yep - female, runner, vegetarian. Cue the questions about iron and protein...

      I'll see how my schedule is closer to the time and might sign up and see you there.

      You realise that if you run (especially in the morning at an event like this) that it's compulsory to go to a cafe for breakfast afterwards? :) I like the running part, but I know not everyone else shares my opinion so breakfast can be the incentive - though probably second or third brekkie for you with eating for two at present!

    7. Haha you must get that a lot! I do worry about my protein though - I hadn't realised it was quite as important as it is! I just assumed it was in everything, and focused more on iron.

      Anyway... this breakfast of which you speak - NECESSARY.