Sunday, October 21, 2012

Guest Post: Asparagus with vegan hollandaise.

Oh Anne... you had me at "vegan hollandaise"! Anne blogs about homemaking over at Domesblissity - check it out, it's got tons of wonderful ideas for recipes, craft and being a stay at home mum.


I'm Anne and I blog at Domesblissity. I'm a 48 year old SAHM of a girl aged (nearly) 8 and a boy aged (nearly) 6. I cook everything from scratch and make ends meet by making do. I'm sure I'm my grandmother reincarnated. When Stacey put the call out for guest posters to give her time to settle in with her new baby, I jumped at the chance. Although not a vegetarian, I love vegetarian food and use vegetables, grains and pulses a lot in my cooking for flavour, nutrition and, mostly, cost.  I love Stacey's recipes and have made quite a few.

I only buy seasonal produce and use what I have on hand. The asparagus looked beautiful when I did my fruit and vegetable shopping the other day and what goes perfect with asparagus? Hollandaise sauce. I did a bit of a browse online for vegan versions (not that I'm a vegan) and I found this one which uses soy milk and vegan margarine. This suited me perfectly as my sister had a huge cleanout of her pantry and gave me a couple cans of evaporated soy milk. I wondered what I could use them for.


The recipe is super easy and all done in a saucepan. (I was a little heavy handed with the turmeric so it's a little too 'yellow'.) It would be perfect served over any vegetables or a poached egg on spinach for breakfast. I think I might use this version all the time as I'm not a big fan of eggs anyway.


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