Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kid food - lunch

I am so slack at eating lunch. Like really, really bad. Especially when pregnant or breastfeeding - if there's no leftovers then I really don't feel like anything we have in the cupboard and I end up eating toast... which is hardly healthy for anyone, day after day!

For the girl, however, she's very easy pleased. And now that I'm not scared to let her eat stuff with a spoon, we've got it going on. As they say. Ahem.

Wasn't very hungry this day, so peanut butter on Saos and pear did the trick. Still wasn't much interested in pear... that was yet to come.

Avocado and cream cheese on tortilla with mandarin.

Avocado on Saladas, half a Devondale (non-animal rennet, woo!) cheese shape and grapes.

Still won't eat cheese. 

Baby muesli and yogurt with a drizzle of honey. Nice and thick so she doesn't slop it everywhere. 

Cream cheese, tomato and avocado on wholemeal roll with banana. Chopped up the tomato nice and fine so she wouldn't wig out. Success.

If it's a sandwich/cracker and fruit, it's rarely refused. I can sneak just about anything on these receptacles and we're good to go!

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  1. Love the pic of her little hand. So cute!

  2. What a good idea to chop up the tomato...I will have to try that!
    We had fajitas for dinner tonight...Baby C had the toddler version which is tortilla with avocado and sour cream with a side of mandarin and porridge for dessert.

  3. Yum now I really want fajitas...

  4. Thanks for the inspiration :) sometimes I even just defrost a bowl of frozen veggie mix great cheese over the hot veggies and mush it into an english muffin. It's prob the sweet peas but she seems to love it.