Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Free crochet pattern: vintage-style scarf

This be a bit cute, no?

I made it for the lovely Nikki at Styling You, who you may or may not know is my ACTUAL neighbour.

here she is, modelling it next to the fence that separates us... stupid fence.

She stands on those logs when goodies get passed over and chats need to be had. 

One day we will tear the fence down, and East + West will again be unified.

Until then, I'll just keep on hookin'.

Heh. Crochet hookin'. I'm way too pregnant and prudish and lazy for the other type.

Anyhow, Nikki is devastatingly stylish and knows lots of trends and wonderful things that I can't begin to understand or describe. But there's a vintage-hipster-wannabe inside that fashionably clothed woman, and I made this granny scarf to indulge her secret side. She could rock anything.

For the main part of the scarf, I used Moda Vera Mousse yarn, which is 70% pure Australian wool, 30% soy. It is gorgeously soft and incredibly easy to work with.

The flower and scalloped detail was some lovely coral 8ply I had for another project I haven't started yet...

I created this in a very simple V-stitch, which looks gorgeous in such a large yarn.

You will need:
4 50g balls (at least) of Moda Vera Mousse in charcoal/gray
1 ball contrasting colour for edges and flowers.
10mm hook


1. Chain 14.

2. dc - ch 1 - dc in 4th chain from hook. This makes your first v-stitch. Skip a chain loop and dc - ch 1 -dc in next chain loop. Continue v-stitch across each second chain until the end. Chain 3 in final chain loop and turn. You should have five v-stitches with ch3 on each end.

3. Ch 3 to begin row. Continue pattern, v-stitching into the ch-1 section of the v-stitch below it. ch 3 at the ends of each row.

4. Continue to the length of scarf you desire.

Scalloped trim:

In contrasting colour, sc - hdc - 5 dc - hdc - sc in each ch-1 section of v-stitch. Fasten off.

For flowers:

The smaller flower, I used this pattern.

Larger flower

1. Ch 3, and close to form a loop.

2. 10 dc in loop.

3. 2 dc, ch 1 in each stitch around. sl st to join.

4. sc - hdc - 3 dc - hdc - sc in each ch 1 space. Sl st to join. Fasten off.

It's easy! I promise! And super cute. Get cracking :)


  1. You just blew my mind with the idea that people on the interwebs have neighbours. Neighbours that are also on the interwebs.

  2. haha yeah it's weird, isn't it?! like the interwebz crosses over into real life.

  3. It's crazy weird Cate. Especially when I DM her to see if she is home!

  4. Wow, I did not know you were neighbours, what a small world!!! Very pretty scarf. Um, supermum alert - toddler, blog, pregnant and crocheting. Sheesh.

  5. Stacey the scarf is beautiful Nikki you are adorable and look adorable in the scarf and so cool y'all are neighbors.

  6. But that's all I can do, I promise!

  7. Super cute! Not that I'm in any way surprised by this, natch.

  8. And easy... that shouldn't be surprising either haha