Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kid Food: Dinner

We have mastered a spoon, people! And true to form, on the day I last posted about toddler food, and how little variety Abby ate, she started eating everything under the sun. I can now stop wondering if I should start planting grape vines in the back yard in an effort to save money, and get on with the business of feeding my kid a rainbow every day. Huzzah!

This was back in the "before", so she didn't eat any of it, just stuck her finger in each piece of kiwi fruit. 

She'd still stick her finger in it now, but she'd eat it too.

The frittata is the silverbeet and pumpkin ones I posted here.

Baby yakisoba - lots of fun! I boiled organic ramen for three minutes, adding carrots, broccoli and capsicum in the last two minutes. Cabbage just before I drained the lot. Then stirred in a tiny bit of soy sauce and a dash of sweet chilli.

This night was baked beans and cheese on a wholemeal roll with mandarines. Ended up eating the whole mandarine and picking out the cheese.

Terrible photo here, but the lights in my kitchen had blown - ugh. Anyway, we were having crumbed tofu with apricot sauce and brown rice for dinner, so I kept a few out for her and both drizzled them with the sauce and did a little dipping area, which she hasn't got the hang of yet. The sauce is just 400ml apricot nectar and a packet of french onion soup boiled until thick. Tofu is Pureland Organic (pretty much the only one I will eat at home after MUCH trial and error!) coated in egg and then in a mixture of wholegrain and panko breadcrumbs. Baked in a hot oven 15 minutes.

This was also in the "before", so the pasta, tomato sauce and grated cheese just got moved from the plate to the high chair tray and back. No eating took place whatsoever.

And finally, two-potato fritters (recipe coming soon) with oven fries. 

I've so many ideas now that she eats more widely (like, overnight. kids are weird, man!) so am excited to share with you!


  1. YAY!
    Go Abby.
    Because honestly, I was in the process of packing up my bags and moving in so you could cook for me instead, since she didn't appreciate it and all :P

  2. Oh that'd be the funnest ever!

  3. Totally going to make the baby yakisoba tonight for Miss P. Excellent idea!

  4. All looks great!  I think we have the same kiddo plates haha. :)  

  5. hah I bought them on special months before I was even due. Then I stole one from my sister's kids. I need to branch out more!

  6. I like the baby yakisoba idea! Does Abby just pick all the different elements up in her fingers or use her new-found spoon skills? 

  7. I gave her a fork and baby practice chopsticks! She used those and her hands :)

  8. Hi I just found your site. I am a mother of a 2 year old son and I like to find a way to feed him the best organic food. And also to change mine and my husbands nutrition habits. But I dont know anything about it and I dont know how to cook it seems to me very difficult.. so congratulations for your love because cooking is giving to the others. I read an article about how tofu is not good at all to brain function and I give you a link if you want to search a llitle bit about it  http://www.jacn.org/content/19/2/242.full
    wish you courage and my self to to raise our children !

  9. Thanks for that! Once you read my blog a little bit more, you will find out I HATE tofu and rarely eat it - so I think our brains are safe! I'm trying to eat more organic food also, it's an interesting journey :)