Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July ice cream sandwiches.

It's no secret I'm a little bit in love with America. Well, my idealised version of it anyway!

I talk about it here and here and here. And how it all started? That's here.

Two years ago I was in the nation's captial on July fourth (that story is here - it's fun!) It was hot and I was newly pregnant and it was hot. And hot. But it was a surreal experience, and I got my political geek on in a big, big way. I didn't get to any parties (although the frat houses we passed would have been more than accommodating judging by the jubilation and beer cans) nor did I eat any traditional party food - but I more than make up for it at home every year anyway!

These icecream sandwiches started off as something my nana used to give us when we were kids. A block of vanilla icecream in between two wafers. It was simple and we were satisfied! But they're fun to dress up. I've used m+ms, but you could use sprinkles or colored sugar or whatever you like. I'm yet to meet a kid that's declined one! the trick is to eat it before it melts all down your arms...

Happy fourth, y'all!


  1. I may or may not have eaten this one straight away...

  2. As soon as I realised it was July 4 I thought of you and what you might come up with for it! This is cute! Mmm, melty goodness

  3. You remembered! I feel speh-shul xx