Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stuff I've been loving lately

Lately I've been feeling grateful, inspired, motivated and excited.

In between being tired, cold, hungry and lazy. It's a battle, folks! Who will win?!

The things I have collated here have been responsible for the former feelings. I hope you get a kick out of them.

(Incidentally, it's been broken sleep, the weather, laziness and laziness that have been responsible for the latter. Who knew?! But you don't want any of those so feast your eyes on the gloriousnessess to follow.)

First wonky pigtails. I'm not usually in the habit of dressing her like a girly girl (hell, I even bought her a Ramones hoodie last week), but I found this to be way more adorable than expected!

Thoughtful care package courtesy of a lovely friend who wanted to cheer me up on a day when the tired, cold, hungry and lazy were winning. The cake was the eventual victor. Thank goodness for kind people, huh?

More time lately to do stuff to prettify my house like I've been meaning to since forever. So many projects, so little time. FINALLY finished a knitted cushion that I hated making and so put off for too long, which totally held me back from taking on other things, because I was determined to finish before I started anything else. That was a traumatic time, and I'd like to never speak of it again.

My super-cute bloggy crush friend Raynor of The Shy Lion featured on the Frankie magazine website with his adorable Totoro cross-stitch iPhone cover pattern. He is freakishly adorable and talented, and I was so excited to see him up in lights in a place I love. Yay!

I also was terrifically inspired by this tutorial for DIY No Fuss, No Sew Triangle Bunting over at Cakies lately. Way cute for either those who can't sew or won't sew.

Also loving this recipe for Tom Yum soup fabulously documented, and in fabulous vintage cookware, at Oh So Lovely Vintage. One of my favourite soups, favourite blogs, favourite vintage style. Urg, super-inspiring.

This stupid cat made me laugh. And want to watch Jeeves and Wooster. And read more P.G. Wodehouse.

And this ultra-fabulous idea from Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim to house my ridiculous amount of Instagram photos. Even more helpful now that I lost 2.5Gb of photos when my phone was replaced... so all my gorgeous gorgeousness can still be part of my viewing pleasure! Ah she's a clever girl that one.

So, have your happies been outweighing your grosses? Mine usually do. What's been making you grin like an idiot lately? can I see? Link me up!


  1. BLOGGIE CRUSH FRIENDS FTW! It's totes mutual, innit? <3

  2. That cat.

    THAT CAT MADE ME LOL .... and man, I fucking HATE cats. Well played. 


    PS I like your crafty side

  3. VM you rock this neighbourhood and this world x

  4. the piggytails! I'm the same with my small one- not so with the girly girl crap. But I put a little clip in her hair yesterday and naaaawwwwwed so much i wanted to vomit.

  5. Gentleman Cat, Esq. I should like to have one. Perhaps I will crochet one. With a little monocle :)

  6. Ah you're cute. And be careful, or you'll end up with one of my "creations".

  7. I sent myself broke buying girly hair clips in Japan for her. I figure if I offset them with a black wondersuit, I shouldn't give myself diabetes.

  8. I can only hope. I'm currently on a campaign to embarrass my children by telling them I'm going to be a hipster. So I'll need some crochet and knitting lessons to refresh what I learned in Y8 Home Ec. x

  9. Anytime, dude! Put the kettle on and yell over the fence. We'll have you a fetching beret in no time xx

  10. Awww. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, and PHWOAR - how delicious does that cake look?!

  11. Aw thank you! The cake was the best ever.

  12. I just got that iPhone case as a Birthday present, as an embroiderer I love,love  it!! 

  13. Mel B ( 16, 2012 at 11:28 PM

    Those pigtails...adorable!!
    I'm loving our freestanding woodfire -installed yesterday. Our house is now toasty warm. Coupled with the solar panels we recently had installed, it's going to go a long way to keep the power bill under control. Happy days!
    I'm loving being able to close the lid on my laundry hamper - after a very long time of out of control-ness.
    I'm loving the fact that A1 hubbie managed to loop a rope around the big gum tree so the kids can use their swing.
    AND I'm loving the fact that I finally found the frogs I've been hearing lately and got to show one to Miss E - she loved it!

  14. Insanely green over wonky pigtails x

    Maggie has a mullet

  15. It's the coolest idea ever! I have a case I bought in Tokyo that I love, but if I could ever part with it, this is what I'd be doing!

  16. Oh my gosh, what I wouldn't give for a fire - either freestanding or a fireplace! It's just so cosy. My oil heater is just no match :(

  17. This is my attempt at avoiding what is rapidly becoming a very unkempt mullet haha xx