Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kid food: lunch

Interestingly, even at 14 months, Abby is not an adventurous eater despite my best efforts!

I thought at least she would be willing to try things because food is still very new to her, and it's still very exciting, but the variety of foods that end up in her mouth and not on the floor are at this stage, sadly very narrow. How boring! Sometimes doesn't even try them before they're jettisoned. Won't even eat rockmelon, which leaves me to come to the conclusion she is not my child.

At first, baby burritos were met with enthusiasm. At least, the wrap was! Lettuce and tomato were avoided. Salsa and sour cream was face painted, bean and cheese wholegrain wrap demolished. Not bad.

Egg sandwich on sourdough, grapes. Very much a win.

Avocado on homemade rye with sultanas and one dried apricot - these are such tough going she can only get through one! Any kind of bread/sandwich/toast/cracker will always be eaten.

Cream cheese and homemade pesto on wrap with strawberries. A bit of avocado to tide her over while I made the wrap. The avocado ended up smeared all over the high chair tray, as I'm sure you can see.
The wrap was flung onto the floor, piece by piece, as were the strawberries.

Round two included me re-trying strawberries alongside a cold cauliflower pastry roll thingy. THAT was eaten, the strawberries abandoned a second time.

So far, the only fruit she will eat are grapes, sultanas and blueberries. Loves stewed rhubarb and apple. I think she once ate some steamed apple pieces but I honestly can't be sure. Everything else is met with horror.

Vegetables are not popular. Will sometimes eat peas. Puree stuff is fine, finger food veggie chunks are not.

Cannot possibly be my child.

What are your little guys eating? Much more adventurous stuff than this kid, I hope! 

I'll keep plugging away, I'm sure it will change and evolve in time. 


  1. I was sooo proud of my little guy when he polished off a bowl of steamed, semi mashed vegies with red quinoa & chicken bits the other night...I've found he is sleeping better with more protein in his diet :) He is big for his age ( 9 months) & trying to walk already so I've had to increase the more substantial foods, LOVE your baby recipes Veggie Mama!

  2. My god! My solid food journey with my Daughter has been a nightmare!! She will barely eat a thing! Her favourite at the moment though is roast vegies purreed or your curry lentil carrots. I have tried everything! She wont even eat a sandwhich! Infact, anything finger food...not interested!

  3. Ugh my daughter is super fussy too. So much gets put in the mouth, spat back out, picked up, try again, then thrown on the floor. But she had pesto pasta for the first time last night and ate every single piece! Winning! xx

  4. My little girl will not eat anything off a spoon, it's all finger food over here!
    Her all time favourite, frozen peas. They have to be frozen or they are not met with the same gusto.  I have never thought to try the wraps. Thank-you!

  5. Your daughter sounds like everyones kid to me!  Mine are now six and eight and all of your above options would still be their faves....except that they now eat sushi...which is like the biggest personal win ever :)

  6. oh an i *just* got home from discovering my little one is underweight...turned around and bought some avocado, full-fat anything, peanut butter, stuff for smoothies. About to traul your recipes, bubba needs plumpin.

    Oh, and she is one and eats anything. especially if it's been on the floor.

  7. Before I read your post I scrolled through the pics getting hungry, and thinking, Wow! She eats all that?! Then I read it :) Ben's the same. He's all over the place. He started on steamed veggie chunks and now they get tossed off the chair. He'll eat tomatoes though, and is happy to try things - before he tosses them! His favourite are strawberries, grapes and bananas. I think I'll have to make some veggie pancakes, like I used to make for Will :) PS The tomatoes went down after the third time I offered them, so I figure I'll just keep offering (and keep cleaning the floor!).  Can I come live at your house to be served those?

  8.  Flax seed oil is great to add to smoothies, if you haven't already discovered it x

  9. I love that you add fruit and bits and pieces on the side. Cheese / cheese and avocado quesadillas are a favourite for my little one.  I was going to ask you to do a kid version of your grown up lunch box post, so thanks!

  10. I made lovely mini quiches and and zucchini fritters and all sorts of things... No dice, haha! I keep putting stuff in front of her, then eating her dropped offerings from the floor :-)

  11. Crazy, huh? Eat so much, don't gain weight. My kid eats nothing but grapes and is 11kilos!
    Good idea with all your full-fat stuff. I also heard you can add milk powder to custard and mash and all sorts of things for a boost of extra calories xx

  12. Yep she sounds pretty normal to me too!

  13. Abby is learning to use a spoon, but gives up and mushes everything in her mouth :-)

  14. Poor thing! Life would be hard here if sandwiches were refused!!

  15. Isn't it crazy they like quinoa?! Abby loves risotto too, but won't eat pasta :-/

  16. I wouldn't really worry. My first child ate NO SUGAR for the first two years because I was being a neurotic new mother, I fed her wild rice, and cabbage, and nori rolls and lots of green vegetable sand now at 9 is a nightmare and won't eat anything which isn't sugar coated.  Second child I gave up, fed him any old crap and he is now at 5 happy with anything and will eat egg and bacon and meat and vegetables all day long.  Except pesto.  Which he calls mud. As in, 'Mum can you please remove the mud from my pizza'.

  17. My daughter, also Abi, is a pretty terrible eater. She is nearly 4 and loves pasta, cheese, sausage, mashed potato and thats about it. For lunch, we do cruskits, wraps, croissants, rolls, mostly plain things.

    She refuses to veggies and most new things... But my son, 14 months is a real trooper and eats everything!! Only now, is Abi starting to try new things to keep up with him. On the weekend, he ate prawns and tuna sashimi! 

    Don't worry, she sounds pretty normal to me :)


  18. Giantbaby is giant - at 17 months weighs over 14kgs.
    He eats EVERYTHING.

    Then his cousin, Master4 weighs 15kgs.
    He eats NOTHING.

    Seriously, at one point he ate nothing but tacos.
    For like 3 months
    Just meat and cheese on a wrap. Weirdo.

    Kids will always be strange.
    I remember eating nothing but Vegemite and Cheese sandwiches [on white bread] Party Pies and coloured popcorn as a kid.
    All of those things make me gag now

  19. ANB of Suburban SonnetMay 17, 2012 at 9:04 PM

    E (25 months) adores loves the Latina Fresh "kids" ravioli - pretty much normal ravioli but smaller and no preservatives/nasties.  They come in beef and vegetable or cheese and vegetable. She has them plain or with a bit of olive oil and grated cheese. They are fine for finger food but also good for practising using a fork. I've tried to sneak more adventurous toppings on them, eg the same tomato sauce we were going to have on pasta but the less I do them the more she likes them.

  20. ah yes, quesadillas go down well here too!

  21. Haha I'm not worried, I'm almost TOO laid back! I don't consciously give her sugar or fried things, but don't panic if she eats them. I'm pretty sure she's going to eat whatever takes her fancy when she's older anyway... but I do think it's a good idea to at least expose her to a bunch of different stuff even if it does end up on the floor! Damn but pesto is good! what's wrong with kids these days?!!

  22. She sounds normal to me too! No worry here! It's more a record of her likes and dislikes than a post about my concerns. But if she doesn't eat sushi when she's older, I'm kicking her out of home.

  23. I love that I have a record of the things she will eat - I've heard the funniest stories of stages that kids go through with food. I would die if someone made me eat coloured popcorn though, GROSS!

  24. Cannot get this kid to eat ravioli at all. no matter how I make it! Again, musn't be my child because I lose my mind over ravioli. Honestly - is there anything better?!!