Sunday, April 15, 2012

veggie meal plan

I neglect beans. I really do. For no other reason than I never had them growing up, so rarely think about them... except when it's Mexican night! Damn, are they good.

I like the idea of a brothy, soupy, beany dish to be eaten with a hot baguette. Flavoured with herbs and fresh tomato and garlic. Why don't I eat this more, WHY?

Corn chowder is totally one of my favourite dishes of all time. I have a cracking recipe and love when it gets cool enough at night to finally eat it three times a week. Or something like that. It's so hearty and full of sweet corn and potato chunks in such a gorgeous, creamy soup. I think I might bump this one up to tonight now...

And my love affair with mushrooms continues. I'm going to have this with fresh fettuccine, which is an absolute must in this situation, if you ask me. Well, you haven't, but anyway. Press on!

the breakfast frittata, polenta shapes and zucchini slice are for the babe, who is thoroughly enjoying eating everything these days. Except banana. And strawberries. And tomatoes. But is ruling at spoon skillz as long as I'm filling the spoon for her. Just like Alicia Silverstone, only with cutlery!

Whatchoo eating this week?


  1. Let me share some broad bean ideas with you. Brigilla is a Maltese dip that is served hot. I have made this dip several times since I made the original one and I can tell you it is delicious with sourdough bagette lightly toasted: 

    Bil Ful is a Maltese dish that has stewed broadbeans served over pasta. It was an interesting dish but didnt score well with my family due to the fact that the dried beans were a little tough. 


  2. Beans are my favourite! Bring on the beans, yum!

  3. I never had them growing up either, and then I discovered them!  oh my I couldn't live without them now...started off with just canned kidney beans and now the list goes on...prefer to soak them but in reality the canned ones get used a lot here  xx 

    nice meal plan & I love mushrooms too, you reminded me of a parmesan/mushroomy thing I used to do for a veggie friend xo

  4. I always hated baken beans as a kid, and the only beans I ever ate were green beans. Now as an adult, I love kidney beans and cannelini beans.  Can't remember what else, if any. I did have a couple of vegetarian stints over the years, so I found ways to make them yummy.

    I have no idea what we'll be eating this week. I'm one of those people that watch others meal plan, sigh, think what a brilliant idea it is and am too lazy to do it myself. 

  5. I rarely soak my own! Unless they're black beans or pinto beans for Mexican food that I can't find in cans. My pantry is filled with canned beans, they go in everything xx

  6. What was I thinking all those years?!!

  7. I am too lazy not to plan! I fricking hate going to the supermarket, wandering aimlessly throwing things in the trolley, then getting to make dinner one night and there's not enough ingredients, and then I have to go out again. Drives me mental! Plus there's always things I want to try and if I don't have all the stuff I'm a sad panda indeed. Takes me two seconds to find five dinners then my shopping list is sorted. Then I can get back to wallowing on the couch. In my dreams!

  8. Polenta shapes for the littles! You're a genius!!

    Highlights this week are spinach and ricotta cannelloni and roast tomato, olive and basil pasta. Hungry just thinking of it...