Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vegetarian Caesar Salad

I'm regularly ridiculed at family gatherings with this salad. By the meat-eaters, obviously.

It has no bacon, for a start. Ludicrous.

It has no anchovy in the dressing. Who would eat this monstrosity?

Well, they do after they've tried it. Sure they whine about the lack of bacon but they can always go home and fry up a few lardy strips if they're so inclined. I'm not and it still tastes good! In fact, it's surprising how good it is and I can't take any of the credit for it, really. It's all in the dressing. That I get out of a bottle.

I do chop up some crispy "chicken" strips and add for a more substantial dish, and I really think it's important to boil your eggs for only 7 minutes or so - I don't like them totally hardboiled, but a bit soft and gooey.

Anyway, it's far from traditional but it is an easy salad that packs a lot of flavour. I'm not sure you can really argue with that!

Serves 4

1 head cos lettuce
1/2 loaf turkish bread, spread with butter and Gourmet Garden Garlic cut into small-ish cubes.
2-3 crispy "chicken" strips
Praise Caesar Salad Dressing (anchovy-free and awesome)
3 eggs, boiled in their shell for 7 minutes then chopped when cool enough to handle
shaved parmesan


1. Bake the crispy strips and bread cubes until golden brown and cooked through. Chop strips into cubes.

2. Mix the salad, dressing, eggs, strips, turkish bread and parmesan. Shave more parmesan over the top.


  1. Yum! I love caesar salad. Lately I have been swapping the caesar dressing for lime aoli though - so good!! X

  2. Tasty! Do you use the quorn 'chicken' strips? I'll have to throw this one together because my partner is a huge caesar salad fan. Not sure if Molly will dig it though, she's not big on lettuce! :p

  3. This looks delicious!! I'm going to give your recipe a go tonight. A xx

  4. Yum yum! How good does this look?! I'm a big fan of caesar salad but the last couple of times I've had it, the saltiness from the bacon has killed it so this sounds excellent! Thanks for sharing, hon.

  5. Is the "chicken" one of those substitutes?

  6. I must say that I'm ridiculed at family gatherings. I'm part of a BIG meat eating family. (Salad, ew!) Funnily enough, they don't seem to mind eating what I bring to family gatherings, leaving not much for me to eat.

    Aaah, the joys! xx

  7. I have to be careful with aioli while knocked up, but damn that sounds like a good idea!

  8. Haha it's never my own family... they're usually pretty good. But I do find that my stuff goes VERY quickly at other gatherings!