Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bento lunch - cuteness overload

Hello! Today I am guest-posting at the incredibly gorgeous A Beach Cottage with a very popular recipe.  *dies*

I can't tell you how much Sarah makes me want to live in a whitewashed cottage by the beach, when that's so totally not my style! Mine is all wood panelling and brocade and brass candelabras and libraries that smell like cigars. But considering I actually live by the beach, and everything's gorgeous and sunny all the time, her casual, clean, relaxed style pokes its head into my consciousness...

You should totally go over and say hi, especially if you've never been (which is impossible, I'm sure everyone has!) and I defy you not to get lost in the daydreamy haze of salty air and coastal vintage beach love.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, let's play fun lunch.

How adorable is bento! I think it's incredibly gorgeous and fun to eat. And cuts down on lunch wrappings, which is a fabulous bonus. I cannot wait until I can start cutting shapes out of seaweed and pressing eggs into bunny shapes for Abby. I will probably only stick to two children, because making elaborate bentos can be quite time-consuming! But they don't have to be.

Case in point:

This bento was for me at work. I had others that held my morning and afternoon tea, but put all my lunch bits into this one. Top layer was a little lettuce, tomato and parmesan, and grapes in the divider. Some red wine vinegar in the star and a pink chocolate heart for dessert.

Bottom layer was a quick fried rice. I sauteed onion, peas, carrot and corn with Gourmet Garden Garlic, ginger, and chilli. I added some well-cooked brown rice, chopped marinated tofu and a little soy sauce.

And bundled it all up together. Isn't this the cutest? I got it at Kiddyland in Harajuku. SO much bento stuff made its way into my luggage on the way home from Japan. I'm just pleased I get a chance to use it!

Do you think lunchboxes should be cute? Do you avoid buying them because you know they will get lost? I know I'm mental for spending so much money on lunchboxes, but this one is for me and surely I won't lose it. Do you think lunch should be fun?


  1. I'm desperately trying to hunt down Willie some cute Bentos...and maybe a couple for myself too! I managed to find dinosaur cut outs on ebay. It's all so addictive...now I've started, I just can't stop! AND I BLAME YOU! :)

  2. You might not lose it, but you might have to watch out for workplace bullies trying to bash you up in the toilets and steal it from you!

  3. Hi- I'm happy to have found you through Sarah- loved your pasta over there! 
    With 3 kiddos, I too always have frozen spinach in the freezer- always! And as many interesting types of mushroom I can get my hands on without going further than the fruit shop or supermarket!
    I'm also a big lunch box fan...having lived in Japan for over a year- this became my mainstream lunch feast when not living on sushi...you know what I love about bento or lunchboxes- it's the environmentally friendliest way to have a great lunch on the run from home! 

    Yours is super cute!!

    Melissa- Miss Sew & So x

  4. That lunchbox is PERFECT, the most excellent dividers.  I'm on the hunt now.  Beats a daggy old plastic container any day.x  PS the rice looks superb, I'm off to make some for my lunch...

  5. So cute!! And I love what you put inside! :) I have to get myself a bento box. Just started following your blog. You are quite inspiring. Glad I found you! 

  6. This is too cute! 
    I'm currently on the hunt for some adorable bento boxes as Molly's childcare will no longer be providing meals and I want something fun for her to make it more enticing to eat! :)

  7. lucky they're stuffy old academics that can afford to eat out every day :)

  8. Hello! And welcome! I'm so jealous you lived in Japan, I've been twice now and could totally do that!

    I've actually been thinking of growing my own mushrooms, we go through them so quickly.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I am always keeping cold rice in the fridge for such occasions! Try eBay, Lunchboxes with Love and Neat 2 Eat... they have such cool things :)

  10. Goodness, thank you for being so kind! I hope you like it here.

    You totally have to get a bento box - it makes everything so much nicer!

  11. I've found eBay to be helpful, as well as Lunchboxes with Love and Neat 2 Eat. Gotta have fun lunch!

  12. Hello from a first time visitor! Love the lunchbox, I definitely have a thing for cute (and practical!) lunchboxes. When we were in Australia in January I discovered (and stocked up on) Sistema containers from Coles. Love their functionality, but they lack a lot in the cuteness area. Will definitely check out bento on ebay. 

  13. Oh they're SO handy but yeah... so ugly! There are a few little pink and blue ones for baby, but not much else in the cute department!

  14. Try Daiso, in Chatswood, Sydney. Everything is $2.80 there. Lots of cute bento boxes.

  15. I'm a bit far away, but thanks for the tip! So sad I missed Daiso in Japan.