Friday, February 10, 2012

Designing Veggie Baby's bedroom and some home-organisation porn.

I dread to think who that title will bring to the blog! Sorry if you weren't into storage solutions and cute magazine racks... because that's totally where I was going with this!

I am mid-thought about moving Veggie Baby into a bigger room, and I'd kind of like to make it pretty funky. I loved my bedrooms growing up, even though they were very ordinary. They were mine. My little space. Fair enough, one of them had three mint green walls and one olive-green... but it was nothing a few Grant Show and Luke Perry posters couldn't cover. 

Two things I'm adamant about in this little Miss's room will be some sort of storage-shelf-system-thingy like this for her extensive book collection:

I did pin this, but it was pinned from here.

And the other is that I will paint a Dr Seuss quote on one of her walls.

I am not ashamed to say my mind believes my house is about three times the size and I have an unlimited budget when I read the Ikea catalogue. Or at least, it comes up with excellent justifications for why I need pretty much one of everything on offer in both the bedroom and the office-area departments.

Although my furniture has a very antique/vintage vibe, and not Ikea-modern, I am a sucker for things that organised people put their organised lives in. I'm not smart enough to think about putting magazine racks on the wall in lieu of the regular kind, so I need to be told these things exist!

Ikea have helpfully put together some one-minute videos of how they've transformed one family's messiest areas into the cutest areas of the house. I'm being polite when I say the "before" is more "Hoarders" than "cluttered", so I was interested to see how on Earth they'd get organised! I love, love, love, what they did to the kids' room, and if I don't get the Lack bookshelves in the immediate future for my bedroom, there'll be hell to pay.

And now I realise I really, really, REALLY need to do something with my laundry. Shutting the door probably isn't going to work long-term, haha.

If you want some inspiration, or you've got that love of Hoarders, (an exhaust pipe in the bedroom? ... o..k...), check out these fun and functional ideas to prettify your own house.

If you've got an exhaust in your bedroom, you really need to watch.

Kid's bedroom: here.
Adult bedroom: here.
Laundry: here.
Study: here.

How tiny is their study? I can't believe they fit so much stuff in. Before AND after!

This post is RocketFuel-sponsored. Have you checked them out? They're good guys. I heart 'em.

PS: did you do something super-cool in a kiddies' bedroom? I need to know this!


  1. If you are going to do a Dr Seuss quote don't stop there, find a fave picture and either paint that too or get it printed up large and paste it on. Would be nice to see two characters chasing each other round the room! Or find another picture from one of her favourite books. 
    All my kids junk is packed away in Ikea boxes, otherwise we would never see our floors again. (The plastic boxes make great moulds for making igloos in the snow btw) !!

  2. Oh man that's a great idea! I'm very good with script, but not so good with murals and pictures. I totally wanted Punky Brewster's room when I was a kid. Loving the snow!

  3. Ooo I hope it's a quote from The Places You'll Go - love that book :)

  4. I love the bookcase and the ceiling is amazing what a great idea!!We move in April and I cant wait to start decorating (with no budget..*sigh*) 

  5. Oh man I love the book case, wish I'd thought of that. Mind you, I don't have the room either. Oscar has a huge amount of books and they're spread out EVERYWHERE. Which Dr. Seuss book are you going to quote? I love Dr Seuss's "Oh the place's you'll go!", at my more emotional times that book can have me in tears.

  6. Stop it, stop it! I can't take the wall of books! It's too much!! Gimme!! x

  7. That's the one! I'm thinking the feet in your shoes quote. Most of veggie baby's books are shoved in a cupboard because all available surfaces are taken! Can't wait to get this done :)

  8. Is it not the best idea ever? I wish I'd thought of it, but I'm happy to "borrow" this idea haha

  9. Oh fun!
    I'm currently in the process of going through Etsy to try to find little pieces for our new baby's room. And then I think it'll make me want to redecorate our Little Miss's room. Kid's rooms are the best to design I think.
    LOVE the wall of books! xx

  10. shutting the door is usually a "best practice" around these parts. 

  11. Oh man, you hit the nail right on the head here...


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