Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'll show you mine if you show me yours: the tattoo edition.

Morning, folks!

Today I'm going to be tattooed. This is both bogus and sad*.

 Tattoos are amazing and fun to have, but big ones hurt. Like rusty spikes up the fingernails hurt. Like bleach in the eyeballs hurt.

So, I'm nosy. And I want to be entertained while under the gun, so I'm asking you to link me to your own tattoos... I know you've got 'em. They ain't just for sailors, bikers and criminals no more. Though some of you are!

Post a pic on my Facebook page, or a link in the comments of this post. Tell me why you got them... tell me did they hurt?

And as part of the deal, I'll show you mine. Well, one of them.

This is Miss Alison Manners of Black Throne Tattoo in Brisbane.

She is by far and away my favourite tattoist. She is imaginative, creative, professional, funny, kind, excellent at what she does and is super-fast. She also has a thing for animals and an adorable English accent.

She also has a nine-month waiting list, so don't get too excited!

I told her I wanted an owl. A lovely, feminine owl. That was it. 

I turned up on the day to find she had drawn me this.

It was perfect.

I didn't change a single thing, and it was going to be on my arm forever, so I was ready to be critical.

I've had her for a few months now, and I still adore it. I'm sure I always will.

The teacup! I never even mentioned tea! Girl is either psychic or some sort of cyborg from the future.

So today I'm off to see Mitch 13 from Green Lotus Tattoo in Melbourne, who is doing a guest spot in Brisbane.

I'mma keep what I'm getting quiet, and will show you tomorrow.

For now, go forth and link! I can't wait to see what y'all have got and hear the stories behind them.

*but I still know how to party. Name that movie.


  1. I have two.

    On my hip and my right foot.

    Here are the pictures + details of my foot:

  2. Gareth is my favourite character. Although I honestly haven't watched that movie in YEARS. Like pre-kids at the very least. How it came to me I have no idea!

    I have 4 tattoo's and am eagerly awaiting my 5th. I know what I want, where I want it, I just need to book in. Lori reccommended me the guy who did her leg. I have my foot done, which everyone says is a really painful spot, I was freaking out just before getting it done, but it really wasn't all that bad.

    Can't wait to see/read what you get done. I love that owl. Always have.

  3. Bravo you! My favouritest movie ever, so if I ever say name that movie... its most likely that one! I still watch it 20 years later.

    This is my fifth too! I'm hoping it won't hurt as much as mama owlie.

  4. No tattoos here sorry. But a 9 month waiting list? Seriously????? 

    I confess, the teacup DOES make it cute! <3

    If I ever were to get a tattoo{never gonna happen. Wuss here}, I'd get a couple of tiny blue forget-me-nots and have them on the inside of my left wrist. I have scars there from the worst of my bipolar/anxiety disorder episodes. In the exact place my mother had her scars from it too - not knives. We both had a tendency to scratch or rub our skin until it burned off. The forget-me-nots remind me of her. Is that wierd? Morbid? Maybe. But it's the only thing I can imagine putting on my skin forever.

  5. i've only got a little one but i love it. it's on my left wrist and just a reminder of what i believe in 

    m x

  6. This is my most recent tattoo and my favourite, I already had the black butterfly on my ankle and I decided to upgrade it to include my favourite things in life - shoes, baking and my family. This was tattoo number 6 for me and in another month I will be getting number 7 - that one will represent my wedding this weekend, it will be an old school version of the claddagh with lots of colour and it will include our wedding date :)

  7. My husband is over at Green Lotus right now getting the ship on his calf coloured - bit of a coincidence! I don't really have any photos of my tattoos on my blog, granted they are small ones! The plan is to get a couple more once our little family is complete. My husband on the other hand is running out of room! Here's a link to just one of them -
    Have fun! xx

  8. I. Love. Your. Owl.

    And just for you ... I'm going to post a photo on your facebook page of the STUPIDEST TATTOO EVER. I got it done when I was smashed, in Kings Cross, 20 years old. You? Welcome in advance. x

  9. Love that girl owl. Do you think she would look gorgeouser with some eyelashes??   Can't wait to see the pics of your new one.

  10. Probably not worse than my extremely shit one!

  11. My husband is fast running out of room too! We're onto the legs now...

  12. Comgratulations!! I hope it's a magical day xx

  13. Nope, not weird. Nice. And she has a waiting list because she's so good all her time is booked! I was very lucky to be squeezed in.


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