Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cars 2 giveaway winner

Morning all!

I bet I'm not the only blogger who is bemoaning the way in which we have to choose winners for giveaways these days - it's hard! Choosing them randomly was so much nicer than having to choose a winner on merit, because if you ask me, everybody's answers are awesome and y'all deserve to win!

However, nothing gets me more than a small child's mispronunciation, and so I have awarded the Cars 2 on Blu Ray and pop-up tent to Fun_Sophie for this entry:

HUGE Toy Story fans,  something for everyone,  Little Miss 4 thinks Barbie and "Kem"  only exist in "Stoy Story 3"... we like to keep it that way,  she especially likes the bit when Barbie rips up "Kem's" clothes... so do I!

Kem! Kem absolutely killed me.

Congratulations my dear, I will get your prizes out to you ASAP.

PS Thank you to those who said kind things about the Veggie Baby... she's pretty cute :)

PPS I love that the disclaimer was a hit!

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