Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Blogs I Heart. Much.

I'm very lucky that people in my real life aren't the type that look at me strangely and say "what's a blog?" when I tell them what I do with this here piece of internet real estate.

It took a while, but they all learned to wait before they started eating so I could photograph whatever it was. Now they prompt me when I forget!

They honestly have no idea how AWESOME twitter is, and will more than likely never get it. But that's ok, a gal's gotta have some outlet away from the eagle eye of friends and family. Everybody I know reads my blog, and my facebook... I ain't got nowhere safe!

Well two of my IRL buddies have started blogs of their own, and as I knew I would, I love them. I think you will too.

First up is the dear Billeta, who took our gorgeous wedding photos while she was still a student. She is also the brains and creativity behind that beautiful maternity shot of me on my pink bike, which I cannot show you here... because of a secret I've been hiding from you. All will be revealed very soon ...shhhhh!

Suffice to say, she is incredibly talented and a beautiful person to boot. She blogs and shows off her stuff at Me and You Photography. Run, don't walk, to this URL. She is so inspirational.
Next up is the beautiful and quirky Laura, who is blogging at Lady L'amour. She has the funkiest vintage style, and is documenting her daily outfit and retro loves. She can find the best vintage anything online, and is now sharing her talent and pretties with us all. Girl knows how to rock a sweater set and pearls with a sleeve of tattoos and some serious sass. I love her and I know you will too!

Go! Go I tells ya! both will be on Twitter soon, and Billeta has a Facebook page to stalk. 

Do your IRL friends have blogs? Or are you that crazy person tinkering with the internet machine?


  1. I love finding new blogs - thanks for the post!

    Yeah I'm DOUBLE CRAZY to real life friends and family - I write about dogs on the internet, I have no chance of being cool :)

  2. haha when you put it that way.... at least I can explain food to my peeps. But it has it's downsides... sometimes I'd like to vent and I tooooootally can't!

  3. Just stumbled onto your blog and I have to give it a thumbs up!!! great thing to write about - food!!!

    I will have to make your Potato salad as you have posted previously :D Looks like it may be quite delish

  4. Oh welcome to Veggie Mama! I sure hope you like it - thanks for letting me know you stopped by!
    That potato salad is so damn yum... let me know if you make it :)

  5. I only have 1 IRL Friend who blogs which is good, cause with my family, friends and other parents from school I think I have enough people I know reading my blog!! Love finding new blogs, and your friends photography one looks awesome! 

  6. Oh I do so love pretties. Especially in blog form. Lovely wedding photos!

    I don't have any friends who blog. But I now have friends IRL I've made via our respective blogs. Handy :)

  7. love new blogs!

    I didn't have any IRL friends who blog, plenty who read by blog though and of course, now I have made lots of lovely IRL friendships through meeting people blogging.

  8. Urgh. *read MY blog.
    and i'm sure that comment doesn't make any sense. 
    I haz teh writing skillz

  9. Yep, sometimes they're the best kind! :)

  10. haha I didn't even notice! How much fun are the IRL friendships through blogging... best bit about it :)

  11. Love it! I was just sitting here thinking that there are so many new and fabulous blogs that I don't know how to keep up with it all and now you've introduced me to two more - wow!! It's exciting times :)

  12. Isn't it? I honestly can't keep up - there's so much amazingness out there that I desperately want to read! need more hours in the day xo

  13. Haha, I just found this post! Yes I am the crazy person! Ha! My cousin blogs, but that's about it IRL. Otherwise I get comments like "Oh, yea, I saw that website of yours" and am asked "So, do you get PAID for doing it??" and get really strange looks when the answer is no! 
    Love the look of these two new ones - I'm off to check them out now! Thanks! x