Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm sellin mah stuff!

I had originally intended to sell one gorgeous Cue dress that I bought before I was pregnant and now no longer fit in:


And then I went crazy. I looked at all that stuff I've been hoarding that I no longer feel any kinship for. Out with the slightly-used, in with the new, they say, so I posted a whole bunch on eBay to sell. And it took me a whole day.

So if you're interested in some cookbooks, regular books, DVDs, clothes and shoes, head on over to my store and see if anything takes your fancy. I've got some Bill Granger, some Seinfeld, some smokin' red heels and magazines galore. You know you want to.

If you want something in particular, email me and we can bypass the shenanigans, if you like.



  1. The question is... Can you now speak Spanish?

  2. Fussy Eater's MumNovember 28, 2011 at 11:00 PM

    Saving up for a Thermomix?

    I just cleaned out my garage yesterday and tossed out all of Mr Fussy's old clothes but couldn't part with my size 8 business suits from my days in New York. Who am I kidding? I need to take your lead and move on! Will go check out the sale now!

  3. Isn't it great to declutter? Gorgeous dress, wish I could fit into it! Sigh ...

  4. Haha I'm still using eyedrops I bought in Vegas 18 months ago...I don't want the dream to be over! But think of all the cool things you can buy if you sell them :-)

  5. Heading over now.. (Wish you could sell my's all bagged up and ready to go..) But I just think Vinnies are gonna get luck again...

  6. Wish I had the body for that dress - BOOM! 

  7. haha I'm sure you do! I usually give to Vinnies, and then went... hang on!