Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Would you like less guilt with that chocolate?

Don't we all?

I never used to care for chocolate. Or anything sweet, really. Then I became pregnant, and all of a sudden I was nosing through the cupboard at night wanting a little something sweet after dinner. And when mid-morning hit, when I'd normally have a bagel or some toast, I was all about the Pop-Tarts and Tim Tams. Who had I become?

Someone who got excited at easter, for the first time since about 1992, that's who.

And even though I've been using my entire body's resources to feed a small and seemingly-constantly-hungry child, and have every right to eat extra calories without fear or favour, I still felt guilty when a block of chocolate was nothing but scraps of tin foil and torn packaging only two days after I bought it. Chocolate's not healthy, I thought. I should be eating a handful of nuts and an apple, and instead I'm eyeing off the M&Ms.

Then I was told about Table of Plenty's Mini Rice Cakes and the European chocolate that could be entering my mouth and leaving the guilt at the door. Wholegrain rice cakes and European chocolate sound like awkward dinner companions, but I'm happy to say it works. They sent me some to try, and 15 calories a cake meant I could eat a bag (and I totally did) and feel like I got a dose of healthy with that chocolate. A dose of gluten-free healthy. And a dose of gluten and lactose AND fructose free healthy with the dark chocolate variety. Win!

If chocolate's not for you, they also come in Triple Berry - a pure cocoa butter berry yoghurt coating. I wasn't quite as sold on those, but I think that's entirely because I don't like berry-flavoured things. I have a weird dream I once had featuring strawberry-flavoured YoGos to thank for that.

I really love the idea behind Table of Plenty - bringing "products with life, education, innovation and style that stand out from the ordinary" to supermarkets. These products use healthy ingredients, and are quick and easy. They even give back by supporting organisations for children and people with disabilities, and via the creator, Kate Weiss, work to bring education and tools for self-development to women and girls worldwide.
You can read more about Kate's story and how she founded Table of Plenty after her own child was diagnosed with a disability here.

Food with a heart! I love it.

They're $3.99 a pack at Coles, but I have three lots of all three flavours to give away... just leave a comment telling me what your favourite pregnancy snack was (and if you're a dude, then just go ahead and tell me what your favourite snack is!) and I'll get to find three lucky recipients.

And if your favourite snack was a strawberry flavoured YoGo, then we can't be friends.... ;)

Giveaway closes Monday September 19 at 10am xx

Congratulations to Amanda Elizabeth, Becci Swan and Queensland Girl. Look out for your email!


  1. I'm not a big rice cake fan, but those sound good. Especially the dark chocolate.

  2. Same! I always feel like I'm eating air. The coating gives it a little more substance, and it really just tastes like chocolate, not rice cake... that's the way round I prefer it haha xx

  3. I had to pregnancy cravings hotdogs with frozen cheese mustard tomato and chilli sauce. And red toffee apples. Not the lollies the toffee dipped apple... I could quite often be found late night at the supermarket in pjs getting my fix.

  4. I get cravings for Mcdonalds Cheeseburgers - without the meat. (weirdo)

    But my ultimate snack food are cheese flavoured sakatas
    I could (and have, oops) eaten an entire packet in one sitting...

  5. my biggest cravings with Miss 3 were oranges in the early stages. I would eat 3 to 4 oranges a day. And heinz spaghetti on toast later on.

  6. it's too long ago to remember much about my first pregnancy cravings.. but with Orlando (my second) I craved toasted cheese sandwiches.. hmmm cheese!!!

  7. Well, we might be in trouble, because my only pregnancy craving was chocolate yogo. Bucketloads of the stuff. I blame it on the fact that I don't like plain milk, or any food that tastes like milk (which chocolate yogo certainly doesn't!) so my body was in major need of calcium.

  8. I craved rich dark chocolate mud cake & begged my husband to bring it home from work each night. I'd scoff the whole slice down & would want more. I tried it again after I had had Lily and I couldn't finish a whole slice. 

    I was also addicted to fruit salad. I love fruit normally but I had to have it every single day. Luckily I was pregnant over summer/Christmas when the best fruit is around.

  9. i never had any cravings through either of my pregnancies - how sad is that!!??! i did love getting into all my vego stuff though and especially loved it when I gave birth to two very healthy sized boys - something my in laws said couldn't be done on a veg diet. wrongo bongo!

  10. I am a big fan of rice cakes. Any way they come. I sometimes get the ones covered in carob and love them.

    I'm definitely trying these when I see them. Dark belgium chocolate? Yes please!

  11. These sound good.  My only real craving at the end of my pregnancy was frozen cordial, eaten with a spoon...buckets of it.  Mind you it was 35 degrees and I was two weeks overdue in a house with no aircon or fans...

  12. Oh goodness! Both pregnancies were the SAME. Cheeseburgers, kfc chips and coke slurpees. They were literally the only things that didn't make me want vomit so violently that the blood vessels in eyes would pop. There mere thought of anything else would send me into a cold sweat. On the upside I got quite a good workout running past the cold meats and chicken in the deli section at the supermarket each week.

    These little treats look awesome and as I'm now the proud mum to a 7mo and therefore no longer scoffing chips like nothing else, I can indulge in these! Hooray! And let's be honest, now I get no sleep, I clearly need these to function. Don't I? :)

  13. I've never been preggo, but one of my face snacks for a long time has been Dark Chocolate M&Ms. I think they discontinued them, or stopped making them as much, which is sad :(

    I should win because I think YoGos should never have been made....blechhhh



  14. Mine was cheese pieces dipped in salsa! 1 week after bubs was born now and that sounds horrid!

  15. Mine the first time was cheesecake or tuna mornay. I ate so much creamy gunk I couldn't touch it afterwards for ages.

  16. I am pregnant now and remember a first-trimester love affair with cheese and crackers. To really make myself swoon, I would sometimes add grainy mustard or sliced sweet and sour pickles. I also found incredile Italian sponge cakes at Woolies called Balconi Trancetto. The lightest sponge with like Nutella in between. Lordy!

  17. Tim tams, they are the best thing ever.

  18. I need them- I wonder if woolies online homeshop will hear my plea?