Thursday, April 8, 2010

Real men eat quiche

What's not to love about quiche? Its creamy goldenness? Its smooth cheesiness?

The glorious semi-sweet sauteed veggies you can pack in it? The crispy, crunchy, crumbly pastry shell?

Stop whining and eat it.

And better yet, it's super-easy to make.

I adapted a quiche lorraine recipe, as I'm obviously not a fan of... bacon.

I also made my own pastry case by taking the frozen sheet out of the freezer and allowing it to thaw before placing in my fancy christmas-themed pie plate. Voila!


Pastry (either shell, frozen shortcrust pastry or make it yourself, ha!)

1 onion, chopped fairly small

3 eggs

300ml cream

1/2 cup milk

3/4 cup cheese


1. If you're using frozen shortcrust pastry, you'll need to blind bake it. Once you've put it in your pie plate/quiche tin/whatever, you'll need to prick a few holes in it with a knife, cover it in foil and place some dried beans or baking beads on, and bake 10 minutes. Remove beans and bake 10 minutes more.

2. OR, if you're me, you'll poke a few holes in it, and throw it in the oven for fifteen minutes. If it puffs up, burst the bubbles and press them down with the back of a spoon. Moving on.

3. Cook onion in frying pan in a little oil until soft. You don't want too much colour on it, unless you're adding other veggies. If so, saute them along with the onion. Capsicum, zucchini, spinach... plenty of options.

4. Beat eggs in a bowl with whisk, add cream, milk and cheese, whisk until just combined. Pour into pastry case.

5. Bake at 180C for about 35 minutes or until filling is set and brown. Stand for five minutes before removing from tin.

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