Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not just a load of old lentils

Greetings! Now i’m just as scared of tofu and tempeh and all the creepy-sounding, overly-healthy vegetarian foodstuffs as any regular person, which is why I created this site. Here you will find unfreaky food and recipes for vegetables that don’t immediately make you want to cry. Vegetarian food doesn’t have to be boring or hippy-flavoured unless you want it to be. If you do, i’m afraid Veggie Mama just ain’t for you!

I’m also considering growing a veggie baby in the near future, so sometimes the posts will focus on that. Given that these recipes won’t actually impregnate you, go ahead and eat them even if you’re a dude, or just not that into pregnancy right now. They will be delicious and nutritious and occasionally taste just like fake chicken.

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