Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Roasted pumpkin and asparagus ravioli

Ahhh pumpkin. Where would I be without you? I remember when I first went veg, I told myself it was the thing I liked most from a roast dinner anyway, so I wouldn't suffer. And I haven't yet! Pumpkin is my number-one favourite vegetable, and roast pumpkin is the king of that. Queen? I don't know, all's I know is it's the best way to eat the best thing.

Asparagus would have to be up there as one of the next favourites... along with artichokes and potatoes, all jostling for position. I love crisp asparagus in just about everything, but a creamy sauce sure is a lot of fun. I love adding a dash of fresh greenness to what would otherwise be a very rich dish. Which never usually bothers me, but sometimes I like to feel virtuous!

I have used pre-made ravioli as I still haven't gotten round to getting a pasta machine, but you can use whatever you like. Gnocchi would be awesome. I haven't given very specific amounts here, but this sauce will make enough for 4.

Cheese + spinach ravioli 
1/2 pumpkin, diced and roasted 20 minutes or so (it's ok to make a little extra!)
1 bunch fresh asparagus
a few handfuls fresh spinach
2 cloves garlic
1 tbs butter
300ml single cream
parmesan-style cheese


1. In a frying pan,  gently saute the garlic in butter two minutes.

2. Add cream and bring to a boil. Simmer and add salt and parmesan to taste.

3. Cook ravioli according to packet directions (or however you make it if you make your own).

4. Drain ravioli and divide among bowls. Top with spinach, sauce, roasted pumpkin, asparagus and a grinding of black pepper.

5. Pass some parmesan-style cheese for folks to add their own.

6. Invite me over for dinner.


  1. Hi Stacey this looks so good I need to find a good spinach and cheese ravioli I didn't like the last ones we tried.  Looking forward to trying this thanks for sharing

  2. Roast pumpkin is definitely my fav part of a roast dinner too! Any pasta with cream sauce and I'm sold. Yum.

  3. Oh yum!!!!!!!  Thank you for such wonderful recipes, I'm having such fun cooking new stuff (so is the husband haha)! Kel x

  4. omigod. that sounds incredible. are tears a rational reaction? it's time for bed, i think.

  5. Yeah they can be tough to find good ones! Can't wait to make my own.

  6. Cream sauce is always my number 1 :)

  7. My pleasure! I think it's great fun. Glad the other half likes it too :)

  8. possibly. I think I cried eating it. Definitely time for bed for me too though!