Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kid food - breakfast

It has become a bit of a game with me to see what kind of outrageous thing I can feed my kid for breakfast that she will actually eat. Even though my line of outrageous is actually pretty tame, there are things on her "will eat" list that I never even dreamed existed as a kid. Who knows what she will feed her own babes in time? And will there be some left over for me?

Cinnamon-raisin bagels with cream cheese and banana on the side appear to be a consistent winner.

French toast with a wee sprinkling of caster or icing sugar are met with approval. As are a little side made of cinnamon-poached apple cubes.

God that sounds pretentious. The apples were for something else, I didn't solely poach it for her breakfast, I promise!

Our old standby of peanut butter on wholewheat grain with fruit on the side. Kiwi, in case you're wondering...

Roast pumpkin hommus on grain toast with grapes. Highly recommend this one.

Bob's Red Mill organic 5-grain pancakes with yogurt and honey, rockmelon cubes. Very much a win.

And this morning she stole my porridge when I wasn't looking. And made one hell of a mess. And we were in a hurry, so there is a hell of a lot of cemented-on dried porridge to hammer away at when I get home this afternoon, eeeeeeeek!


  1. Love that these are such easy meals to prepare (toast + fruit), but so nutritious! My lil babe chomps through two bowls of sultana bran each day and then has toast and fruit for morning tea - what a little sumo!!

  2. Well this was the "i'm eating nothing but toast and grapes" phase, so I had to think outside the square a little bit. Plus anything she can eat by herself that isn't going to cause a horrific mess (i.e. anything with a spoon!) is our go-to most days. She's been stealing my porridge lately, though :)

  3. Twinkle in the EyeAugust 9, 2012 at 8:46 PM

    My little man has warm Vita Brits or porridge each morning and I stew fruit for sweetness rather than sprinkle sugar. Loves it!

  4. It was a crumpet with a smear of honey and a mix of strawberries and kiwis for breakfast here.

    And I know this is completely unrelated but did you know that you can make hot chocolate in the Soup & Co?  
    I have been so busy making soups and smoothies that I am only just now sitting down to look at the included recipe book...and it mentions hot chocolate.   
    I am off to try this right now...I can only imagine how creamy and chocolatey it will be...heaven!