Sunday, June 24, 2012

Veggie meal plan

This week, we're on HOLIDAYS!


we are THIS excited.

School is out, the weather's been great (except for yesterday), and we're going to take things easy. Last school holidays before VB 2.0, so I intend to do the least amount possible. Including boring dinnery things.

So this means we'll be mostly sticking to easy favourites, with a couple of new experiments thrown in for good measure:

ravioli with ratatouille sauce + garlic bread
crumbed and fried tofu with apricot chicken sauce (experiment time!), rice and greens
caramelised onion and lentil salad (from last week's plan)
homemade veggie pizza
yakisoba. again. it's good stuff!

For the baby
some kind of fig-newton style cookie
sugar-free apple-cinnamon muffins

Lunchbox baking
NONE. w00t! ... although I'm inclined to make Anzac biscuits for the hell of it.

Today we'll take our usual trip to the farmer's markets and hope we can find the guy from last week who had the amazing avocados. We're also headed to the Pregnancy and Baby expo and to replace my phone, which I smashed yesterday in my haste to vacate my shopping-mall parking spot for someone who was waiting. EEP.

I still have a fair bit of marking to do, as does Veggie Dad, so I think we'll pick a night, put some music on and get stuck into it so we can enjoy the rest of our time off. I have plenty of posts + freelance stuff to take care of, so maybe I can palm the cooking off to him!

VB turned 15 months this week, and is absolutely ruling at walking now so I think I'll take her to the park a couple of times and for a walk along the beach on a nice afternoon. She's also quite competent with a spoon, so there's a lot more mashed veggies in her future - funnily enough, she'll eat those but she won't eat them as finger food, and finger food is pretty much all she's eaten for about six months. Toddlers are full of surprises... literally and figuratively, haha.

Have a good week, y'all xx


  1. Yay for holidays...yay for sweet girl walking everywhere...and yay for just chillin' coz baby, there's gonna be two before you know this shot of you two by the way. Love D xx

  2. You are SO CUTE! thank you :) Gosh, i can't believe how soon it is until there is two xx

  3. Elisa {With Grace & Eve}June 26, 2012 at 12:13 PM

    It's so good when they start feeding themselves! Although it takes mess to a whole new level! :) xx

  4. haha oh my goodness, she has a habit of throwing everything off the side... but weetbix - wow!