Sunday, June 17, 2012

Veggie Meal Plan

Lots of wintery goodness as it's cold here at night. During the day it's hot and sunny and with just a slight wind, but the evenings are a little frosty. I know, don't hate me too much.

Lots of veggie-packed goodness this week, I'm off to the farmer's markets to get my usual haul in a moment. The veggie filo will be filled with whatever looks good, and I'll probably add a few bits and pieces to the lentil + onion salad. Whatever is left over gets mooshed with mashed potato and made into bubble and squeak patties for the babe. I'll also give her bits of the baked potatoes and some of the soup, thickened so she can practice her spoon skills. She's surprised me this week with how good she is so we'll be doing it a lot more. I haven't spoon-fed her in six months, it's all been finger food and whatever she could mash into her face. My list of food for her to try just increased a millionfold!

We had a great time in Melbourne last weekend, eating dumplings, going to the markets and the museum, and going to our friend's wedding. I always crave Asian food when I visit, and I always leave thinking I should make it more often. This meal plan reflects none of that! Maybe next week.

Anyway, this week appears to be very cruisy, only a meeting on Wednesday, a bit of work from home and a stack of law workbooks to mark, leaving the rest of the week free to read the six bags of books I brought home from the Lifeline Bookfest and finish a couple of crochet orders. I also appear to be on the tail end of whatever vicious malady struck me last week, so there's good times to be had. Well, as long as I keep ignoring the state of my laundry.

Hope y'all have a lovely week planned too! And if you've got a favourite Asian recipe, hook me up :)


  1. Ooh, anything filo or ricotta has me drooling automatically!

  2. we used to eat a ton of cauliflower soup, and then out of nowhere it got incredibly expensive! what gives? i love that stuff. maybe we'll make it a special dinner this week, too!

  3. I've really enjoyed reading through your blog, it reminds me of a flea a good way! Loving the recipes too as someone who eats minimal meat I'm always looking for new ideas.

  4. I just paid $4 for a head of cauliflower. I want to cry.

  5. Oh no, I'll take that as a compliment! I'm terribly flea-markety, I just smell better. Hope you find some inspiration here :)