Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cute crochet clutch purse

This is a bit fun, no? Well the crocheting a clutch purse thing at any rate - I realise the colours aren't for everyone!

Anyhow, let me back up. It was my friend's birthday. She is an eclectic mix of vintage boho quirky colour and I spotted this adorable clutch purse in the May/June issue of Crochet Today! magazine. 

With a serious case of the "I could do that!"s coupled with the extreme easiness of the pattern, I got to work. Now I'm not kidding - the whole bag is made in one go, a spiral pattern of single crochet. It was just a matter of remembering how many rows I had done which wasn't too hard considering I've never used a stitch marker in my life.

You're supposed to put a sheet of firm plastic in the flap of the purse, but I didn't. A little magnet clasp from Spotlight, and I was done.

I, of course, knew that the wilder the colour combination, the better Amy would like it. 

And I was right - when I gave it to her, she randomly had her nails painted in the exact same colour scheme as the purse. I think I have ESPN or something.

I wanted to go even further and have the band around the middle of the bow be yellow, but I had no yellow yarn. Sad.

Oh and that bow - ok, that was mildly annoying. Mostly because I was working with black and I could barely see and the middle rows to cinch the bow were very tight. But it didn't take long, and I actually prefer how that bow looks to how I would have made one.

Anyhow, I thoroughly recommend if you're looking for something different to make, give this purse a go. It's quite roomy and you can even add a strap if you're not into the whole clutch thing. It didn't take me long and was very rhythmic once I got started. Just what I like!

You can get the pattern from here.

Disclaimer: Crochet Today! have no clue who I am. I just subscribe to their magazine and I liked this and wanted to share. Huzzah!


  1. love love now im gonna do that to!!! happy hooking time

  2. That's really cute Stacey. I don't mind the colours.

    Anne xx

  3. It's the best time! besides sleeping time, haha

  4. haha thank you! I go all right ;)