Sunday, May 13, 2012

Veggie Meal Plan

Happy Mother's Day, peeps! And to those whose mamas can't be here, I'm thinking of you. And those who are struggling to be mamas. And to those who don't have a good relationship with your mother... I think of you most of all.

This week is a bit of a variety of things... all random suggestions in my head that I'll play with when the time comes.

Except the pumpkin and haloumi salad, two recipes of which you can find here and here. And the refried bean recipe from yesterday will be going into our enchiladas. YUM!

I hope you're getting something delicious made or delivered to you this evening.

I'm off to enjoy copious amounts of tea, handmade crafts and sloppy kisses. Being a mum rules.


  1. Will you come cook for us, please?? Happy mother's day, gorgeous. Let yourself be spoiled. x

  2. Anytime dude, you know it! Have a great day. Hope your girl sold her barbies!

  3. hi! can I please have your recipe for the korma curry? xx

  4. Sure, when I make it up! I've not made it at home before, so will blog it when I do xx

  5. Hi there, am also a veggie mam and am really enjoying your blog. There seem to be far too few vegetarians down here in Tassie (is it the same up North?) so it is good to connect through cyberspace.  You have inspired  me to try refried beans using dried beans (we have refrieds regular, but am ashamed to say I use canned kidney beans in my recipe). Will definitely give the pinto beans a go, although I admit to a bit of a dried pulse aversion! Anyway, just stopping in to say hi and look forward to more of your recipes and ramblings!!

  6. I don't know, we seem to be a quiet breed, so I can't find very many! There's lots in Brisbane though. The internet is way cooler anyway :) Don't be ashamed to use canned beans, I do EVERY TIME, except when I'm using pinto or black beans - because I either can't find them canned or they're too expensive. Dried pulses are great, trust me :)