Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Veggie Baby Food: Herbed Pumpkin and Rice

Veggie Baby is right at that point now where I can get two spoonfuls of food into her mouth before she grabs the spoon from me and tries to do it herself. Making a gigantic mess. I let her go... she's gotta learn! And it's way cute to see her clumsily dump the spoon into the bowl, picking up absolutely nothing, and getting it to her mouth, usually via her chin. Growing up so fast.

She especially liked this pumpkin and rice concoction, which I whizzed in the blender before she started eating chunky things.

All you need is a cup of steamed and mashed pumpkin and a cup of cooked rice. Mix it all up with a pinch each of fresh basil and parsley and watch them shovel it in. YUM!


  1. Ooh my baby started solids on the weekend (we're moving off baby rice and on to carrot tomorrow!). I love this phase - so exciting. Thanks for the recipe! 

  2. You're welcome! I have plenty of others if you click on the Baby Food button on the sidebar :)

    Veggie Baby's first veggie was carrot too... she loved it.