Monday, January 16, 2012

Veggie Baby Food: Spinach and Cottage Cheese Pasta

I remember thinking when I was younger that babies just ate puree and it was pretty much vegetable or fruit. Nowadays we know so much more and are getting less and less afraid to get their kids to try more adult foods early.

Back then you wouldn't have caught me eating spinach anything. If I can get Veggie Baby to eat spinach this early, then it will just be normal... right? Well, I'm going to try anyway!

This was super-easy, I just cooked a handful of pasta (doesn't matter what sort) until it was well overcooked. Easier for them to chew that way! Well, gum. In the last few seconds I threw in a handful of fresh spinach, and drained all when it was wilted. Popped it in the food processor with a spoonful or two of cottage cheese, pulsed all until it was at the soft but-bits-still-left-in stage (technical term) and it went down a treat. It does need some thinning with water if you have leftovers and want to use it straight from the refrigerator... but that's easy enough to do.

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I do want to know though... are you a spinach fan? I went from sheer loathing to true love. Is this normal?!


  1. I agree brain wash them early with a love of spinach. I make a ricotta and spinach lasagna that the Squishy inhales.

  2. I can't believe how quickly Dolly's out of purée stage! Nothing is sacred now :-)

  3. Oh yeah, I HATED spinach.
    Even was I was vegetarian, you could NOT make me eat it. Gag
    I drink it in smoothies every morning and have in actual foods in usually two meals a day.
    Can't get enough.
    Problem was, my parents made me eat (force fed through tears and dry heaving) boiled and boring.
    Still can't eat it that way :)

  4. I did a bit of purée (more for convenience of buying baby food) but mostly skipped it this time. Riley on the other hand still enjoys a purée!

  5. I would never, ever force any kind of food! Ever! I think it's abuse, leads to eating problems and more than likely a hatred of the item. Fail!! Poor you xx

  6. I don't mind spinach, but I wouldn’t say I LOVE it. I find
    it you have a nice dressing it tastes pretty good in a salad, and I just keep
    on thinking of all the iron I’m getting!