Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spring Flower Hat - a free crochet pattern

You. Cannot. Resist. This. Face.

Even if you have not crocheted before. You now want to.

I learned how to knit when I was very small, from my nanna. My mom tried to teach me, but she's left-handed and it was just not happening. Not only was I learning something new, but backwards too? Nuh-uh.

A few years later I made a very dodgy, dropped-stitch knitted coat hanger cover in Year 8 home ec. I couldn't knit to save myself.

At 21, a friend's mum refreshed my memory and all of a sudden I was living in Spotlight and crafting myself the Scarf Queen. Knit in straight lines? I'm your man.

Not long after, I realised crochet was way cuter, way easier and I could master something other than a straight line. I could make stuff! And you know how I learned?

The internet.

I'm fairly sure I googled "how to crochet" or something similar and was sent to about.com. There I saw pictures (YouTube hadn't been invented, argh!) and picked it up immediately. I'm not kidding, by the end of that day, I'd made about 25 granny squares and finished a blanket the next day. It is that easy.

If you can crochet basic stitches and follow a simple pattern, you can make this hat. Your kid will be the envy of other boring-hat wearers in any playground. You are woman/man,  hear you roar!

I've also made a different version of it, which is a bit sturdier with different wool and goodies, which I will post soon. This hat is good for either looking pretty or not wanting to be too hot, as it's very light and uses baby wool. You can extend the brim if you want more sun protection, and make the hat itself as short or as long as you want, depending on baby's head size.

Veggie Baby is 7 months old, and could probably do with it being a bit bigger and the brim wider. This pattern size may be more suited to someone a little younger.

If you're a beginner, this will explain the abbreviations, and this is helpful to explain what the stitches look like and how to do them.

You will need:
4.5mm hook 
1 ball 3ply baby wool
any kind of wool for flower


1. ch 4, join to form ring.

2. ch 1, 10 dc in ring, sl st to join.

3 and 4. ch 1, 1 dc in same stitch, 1 dc in each stitch around, sl st to join.

5. ch 1, 1 dc in same stitch, 2 dc in next stitch, and alternate around. 1 dc, then 2, etc. sl st to join.

6 - 16. ch 1, 1 dc in same stitch, then 1 dc in each stitch around, sl st to join. Continue this for as long as you need to make the hat the depth you want. I did 16 rows for this hat.

17 (brim). ch 1, 2dc in same stitch. 2dc in each stitch around, sl st to join.

18 - 19. ch 1, 1 dc in same stitch. 1 dc in each stitch around, sl st to join. I did this twice, but extend for a wider brim.

20. ch 1, sc in same stitch. sc in next, hdc, 2 dc, hdc, sc. *sc, hdc, 2dc, hdc, sc*. continue the pattern inside the ** all the way round so it is a little wavy end to your brim.


I used this pattern. Very cute!

Please enjoy this rather blurry picture of the flower.

You can do what you like with your hat when you've made it, including sell it, but if you put it online, please link to this pattern.

I hope you like it :)

So can you crochet? Do you love it? Or are you more the Year 8 dropped-stitch knitter?


  1. So cute (hat & bub!). I will send to my sister to make - I am shocking at all 'craft'. 

  2. No way! Ah however it's made it doesn't matter :)

  3. What is it with babies and hats? gets me every time!

  4. Veggie Baby KILLS ME! Chubby cheeks! Eyelashes! Smile! Nose! Little teeth! HAT! What a clever Mama you are. I need to find me a baby to crochet for. And learn how to crochet...

  5. Dude, imagine if you had to be with her all day. I just spent ten whole minutes looking at her feet while she was asleep. It's insane.

  6. She is adorable! Miss twinkly-eyes! I am rubbish at sewing, knitting and crocheting .. that is a cute hat :-)

  7. I bet I could teach you! And thanks <3

  8. i'm a terrible crochet'er and knitter etc. But yes, i cannot resist THAT face. :)

  9. You wait til you see it in person <3

  10. Lorraine @ Not Quite NigellaOctober 26, 2011 at 7:31 PM

    She's the perfect darling to sell anything I think! Who could resist that face and those cheeks? :)

  11. Oh you're too kind... and right ;-)

  12. Do I get the baby with the hat? Both hat and baby are just too adorable. You make good stuff. And babies. xo

  13. It's so cute!
    I can knit straight lines but can't actually knit anything worth while.
    My Nanna taught me to crochet when I was younger but I never made anything other than a blanket, but I think I might have to try and crochet a hat for both the kiddies!

    On another note, Veggie Baby is too cute for words.

  14. I don't know how to crochet but sooo cute!!!

  15. Aw thank you! I got so sick of making square things with straight lines! Hats are incredibly simple to crochet... give it a go!

  16. You get the baby when you marry me xo

  17. So, I'm not the world's craftiest person and honestly crochet scares me, because it looks so complicated! (even though I'm sure it's not once you know what to do) 
    Anyway, I grabbed these instructions and gave them to my mum (who is a huge crafty minx) so that she could make my little 10 month old daughter Maddy a cute little hat.
    She just text me this: "So I am making this hat and it looks more like a penis warmer than a hat! Don't know what I am doing wrong! Dont tell your father I said that".... 

    hahahaha.... My lord, it made me giggle so bad!! I'm thinking perhaps I may have written something down wrong for her. 

    I read on a facebook page that you were going to be at the Mamma's Market selling them?? I may just have to come along and purchase one. :)

  18. Oh my god, this made me laugh SO much! But I was trying to stifle it so I didn't wake the baby and ended up nearly choking. Amazing! I'm so glad you brought this up, because I was so careful not to post a mistake in this, because it was my first time writing out a pattern and I totally didn't want to get it wrong - but I did! What an idiot.

    Rows 3 and 4 should say ch 1, 1 dc in same stitch, 2dc in each around

    NOT 1 dc in each around. Unless of course, you want a penis warmer!

    Oh my god, hilarious.

  19. And yes, I'll be there this weekend! Come say hi :)

  20. I'm going to txt her now and tell her the new instructions. :)    when she brings it over I'll post a pic up.. (dont worry I wont include a model) :)

  21. Do whatever you like, darling! Tomorrow I am posting a similar hat made from thicker wool so if this one is too small or thin, the other might be good :)

  22. oh I meant I'll post a pic of the penis warmer (without the model) hahaha... I'll post a pic of the hat too when it's finished! (but I'll include a model for that one :P) 

  23. This is my little Maddy bears version of your adorable hat... my mum whipped this one up for me!! she's going to try another tonight with large loops I think and different wool. :) I love this one tho! :)

  24. soooo cute! Yeah, all heads are different, and I've only got Veggie Baby's to go by! The pattern is so easy to customise :)

  25. I love crochet! Right now I'm supposed to be crocheting a hat for Cat's Little Lion but I just haven't had the time. I'm consoling myself with the fact that it's summer so I've got a good few months before he'll actually need a hat.

  26. Dude, I love your hats! We're taking Abby's to snowy Japan x

  27. such a beautiful baby as well as the hat. I always found it easier to knit than crochet. But this little hat is very tempting. Maybe when the weather gets cooler.

  28. Thank you! I think I understand how the stitches work better with crochet - I can never, ever find a dropped knit stitch, and I don't know how to work them to make anything other than stripes, haha. thanks for stopping by!

  29. Oh wow I couldn't work out what I was doing wrong but a read through of the comments and I have found it. I did giggle a fair bit. I had adjusted it already and just finished my first one for a friends new baby. I just couldn't resist such a cute lil hat. Thanks for sharing :)

  30. Oh no, I thought I changed the original pattern! Thanks for letting me know, I'll have a look. Glad you're enjoying it!