Friday, August 5, 2011

winners are grinners!

Ok, it's taken me ages to choose a winner for the caption competition. It's not because I went to Blogopolis, or because I came home with tuberculosis pneumonia a sore throat and have been moaning about like a complete sook, but because they were all so good!

I read them. I read them again. I asked the advice of Veggie Dad, the cat and the postman. Nobody could agree. I LOLed at SawHole's entry: "I could take Wendi Deng". I so could. Veggie Dad was championing Lori's "And do the.... Madonna, Madonna, Madonna, and.... spirit fingers!!!!!!". Bern's Jersey Shore-esque "Come at me bro" had me giggling - I absolutely saw myself as Ronnie in a wedding dress on the boardwalk smacking an overly-tanned guido in an Ed Hardy shirt and too much hairgel.

But in the end it came down to the simplest and most stuck-in-my-head-est. That honour goes to Miss TutuAmes with her "I'm too sexy for these gloves" entry. To this day I don't know what I was thinking wearing a dress that showcased my assets like a stripper (except for the fact the dress was only $150), though at the time I didn't think they were that bad. Until just about everybody mentioned them, including the female security guard at the reception. Oops. So I ended up bringing the sexy to the wedding when what I actually was going for was elegance... hence the gloves.

Miss Ames - I WAS too sexy for those gloves.

email me with your address and I'll post off your card ASAP.

Thanks for playing, y'all!


  1. That's a great caption. And yes, you do look too sexy for those gloves ;)

  2. My dress was only $150 too!!!

  3. Haha yay! Thank you :) I'm honoured as there were awesome entries!