Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meet FOODO - My Blogopolis sponsor!

Organic Pear Vanilla Biscuits.
Triple Cream Farmhouse Cheese.
Cinnamon Honey.



Online gourmet food market FOODO has joined forces with me to get this fondue, and other decadent delicacies, in your face and in your mouth.

FOODO's mission is to bring a little of the Barossa, Byron Bay, the Hunter Valley, to you. Sad you've run out of the jam you bought from Beechworth the last time you were through there? FOODO probably has it. If not, there'll be another taste treat for you to discover.

With only the best Australian growers and producers on board, FOODO is the conduit through which you buy your gourmet goodies from independent producers.

And they home-deliver.

Pretty cool, huh?

I don't know about you, but I'm all about ordering things from the internet that I wouldn't normally have access to locally, and having it arrive on my doorstep like a postal Santa Claus. By postal, I mean more "Newman from Seinfeld", and less "gone crazy". Huh.

Stuff like this:

Yes, that's Raspberry and Coconut handcrafted Rocky Road.

Brittle ahoy!

Developed by two Sydney food enthusiasts, Daniel Felice and Ruth Reilly, the online store aims to bridge the gap between smaller gourmet players and passionate food-lovers who appreciate fresh, quality, handmade produce.

FOODO is much like a virtual Farmer's Market - one is invited into the world of the producer, and the people behind the product. The site also encourages sharing with them your own gourmet discoveries, building a sense of community.

And if you happen to be a producer, FOODO will do your sales and marketing, give you an online shopfront and not charge you a thing for set up or joining.

So give them that wonderful blogopshere welcome we're so famous for, and check out their goodies for yourself. You'll see more of them when when you see me at Nuffnang Blogopolis on Saturday, July 30 in Melbourne!

They're on facebook here.
They're on Twitter here - hello!
Lurk their blog here.
Or email them at info@foodo.com.au

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to make room for the 87 packets of fondue I'm going to buy...

See something delicious you want for your very own? FOODO is giving my readers 10% off! Use the coupon code VEGGIEMAMA at the checkout. Something for everyone!


  1. Yummo! Off to check out their site now! And congrats on the sponsorship!

  2. How ace are their products - great sponsor Stacey, congrats!

  3. Oh yum...just the words Chocolate Drinking Fondue makes my mouth water!

  4. "CHOCOLATE DRINKING FONDUE" Yummo!Got to love shopping online.
    off to 'Lurk there blog' ;)

  5. Thanks! They rule.

  6. Awesome find!!! Can't wait to get my online shopping on!

  7. Yum, yum, with some more yum on top.

  8. I know, right?

    Thanks for the RT too, lovely girl.

  9. You had me at chocolate drinking fondue!
    Yay for sponsors :)

  10. Thank you! hope you find something you like :)

  11. thanks so much ;)

  12. Not long now :)

  13. That's what I like to hear!

  14. Great site!  See you at Blogopolis

  15. ps. I see you went with disqus how are you finding it?!! 

  16. Congratulations on the sponsorship Stace!! They look so yummy!!