Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding and Prince William's favourite Banana Flan

I, for one, love a wedding. The gowns, the flowers, the love, the food. Especially the food. I made sure my wedding featured a buffet, as the first thing guests complain about is teeny portions, or worse... a cocktail reception. Turns out I wasn't really hungry and hardly ate a thing, but people still rave about the food almost four years later - I must have done something right!

Veggie Dad and I ready to eat. My poor wind-tunnel hair.

I was even so excited about the royal engagement, I made Eton Mess a little while ago. It was worth every sinful, cream-covered bite.

I can barely even begin to imagine how amazing the food will be at the royal wedding tonight of Prince William to Catherine Middleton. I'm almost more interested about that than I am in the dress... almost.

After a bit of digging around, I found out what Prince William's favourite dessert was, and figured I'd see if I could replicate what was once created in princess Diana's Royal kitchen by royal chef Darren McGrady.

Mr McGrady's website says that in 1993 he moved to Kensington Palace as their private chef, and for the four years until Diana's death, he took control of the family's day-to-day menus and the preparation and catering of private and official lunch and dinner parties.

One firm favourite was this banana flan. Crumbly shortcrust base, sweet pastry cream and bananas topped with melted apricot jam.

You think YOU could resist? I couldn't...

Mr McGrady also (very generously, I thought) provided the recipe for the oficial wedding cake Prince William has chosen to go along with the traditional fruit cake - Chocolate Biscuit Cake.

I am totally going to be having my own royal tea party to mark the occasion... what will you be doing?

Royally delicious.

Banana Flan recipe here


  1. Oooh, that Banana Flan does look pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing the recipe. We are having an english wedding feast (finger food) dressed up in our bridesmaids dresses (I'm wearing my bridal gown) and watching the wedding on TV.

    We are classy chicks here. xx

  2. That looks delicious! I'll be watching tonight but probably not doing anything special. You look beautiful too by the way! I love weddings :)

  3. Naw! You're so sweet. It'll still be fun :)

  4. Ooh do you have room for one more? I've got a bridesmaid's dress that needs to get out of my closet...

  5. You looked GORGEOUS! and that banana flan looks like its to die for x
    i posted my pics also over at my blog. x

  6. God I love desserts with bananas...yummmmm. And a good wedding pic. ;)

    Personally, I'll be dressed in tracksuit pants and curled up on the couch with my laptop at hand so I can tweet about the wedding. Will make the event all the more fun!

  7. Fussy Eater's MumAugust 25, 2011 at 3:52 PM

    I watched while drinking a cup of tea from a similar tea cup. It felt nice. But not as nice as if I'd had some of that banana flan!

    You were a beautiful bride and no bride ever eats at their own wedding.

  8. Oh we had an English high tea to celebrate! Great minds hey? And you made a gorgeous bride!

  9. My good friend cooked up a storm for our Royal Wedding party (I must introduce her to your blog - she's a veggiemama herself). She made mini mushy pea pies, mini quiches, yorkshire puddings with beef and a horseradish sauce, and for dessert we had Eton Mess and that chocolate biscuit cake! It was divine!!!